A Bleeding Truth

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A Bleeding Truth is a five-piece Metalcore band from Deltona, Florida. They are a combination of punk and metal. With their heart felt lyrics, and continuous breakdowns, ABT keeps their crowd on their feet. ABT plans of paying all over the US to expand their fan base.

A Bleeding Truth has been together for a long time. Their music style has changed dramaticly since they first began making music. At first, the band was actually a three man Pop Punk band known as Breaking Loose, but the band has musically matured since then, and now their music cannot be compared to their old music. When the band started, it included Carlos Reyes, Dallon LaVeille, and Ricky Rodriguez. The band knew from the beggining that they would need a second guitarist to expand their range in music styles. Thank God they found an amazing guitarist Glenn Stowe, but the band did not have a singer. They looked left and right for singers and none of them really fit the band. But a few months ago they found Stephen Salvatore. Stephen has a talent in singing and in screaming as well. The Band now plays heart felt music, with incredible rifts, and double bass pounding break downs. ABT is dedicated 100% to accomplish their dream of making and expressing their music.